Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MOUNT ZION - Bishop David O. Oyedepo

What's unique about Zion? Zion keeps you spiritually ready! - Psalm 84:7 

If anything is not going right with you, don't sleep over it, go to GOD in Zion and report to Him! 

The innumerable company of angels,don't come to your house, they stay in Zion! The more you appear in Zion, the more strengthened you become; there're no short cuts to it

Friend, nothing can stop your flourishing when you are planted in Zion. 

Zion is a place of commanded blessings. 

We have come to Zion, yes, but how much understanding do you have on the contents of Zion? 

How much understanding do you have on the contents of Zion? That is what determines how much benefits that you can draw from Zion. 

Everything gets an answer in Zion. 

And what is mount Zion? .. the church!

Zion is the place to go for renewal of strength when you are weary and tired. 

Zion is a mountain of the Supernatural manifestations of the Power of God. 

Zion is a mysterious platform, particularly when you have a revelation of it. - Hebrews 12:22-24; Psalm 84:7

The Word says .. 'Upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and .. holiness ' - Obadiah 1:17

Zion is our spiritual service station ... where every department of our life is serviced! 

Our present day city of refuge is called Zion ..the place where the children of GOD gather in His Name.

Whatever has been keeping you out of Zion wants to destroy your destiny. I see a new love for Zion implanted in your heart and I see you possess all your possessions!

Zion ... the meeting place of God's people with Him ... is God's office. He said,'Here will I dwell forever'. - Psalm 132:13-14 

Praise will get you across to Zion, where there shall be deliverance and holiness. - Obadiah 1:17 

Zion is the place ordained by God as the refuge for the oppressed, it is the place of appointment with God. 

Every where God's people gather together in the Name of the Lord Jesus, God has put His Name there and it is Zion.

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