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Everybody is a tither, but how much understanding do you have about tithing?

You don't only tithe on your income ... you tithe also on the benevolences that come your way!

Your tithe is ... your acknowledgement of receipt.

Your tithe is ... your guarantee for continuous supply.
Your tithe ... will keep the devourer at bay.

Your tithe is according to the blessing the Lord upon your life, your giving is also according to the blessing of the Lord upon your life.

Your tithe is your passport to the world of abundance ... there is no short-cuts!
Your tithe and your offering is enriching your destiny!

Anything less than one tenth is not a tithe ... you can call it whatever you want!

When your tithe answers in heaven, God is obligated to open the windows of Heaven.
When it is less than a tithe, it is an offering.

You know, when a man gives a tithe, and it is not a tithe, what God does, is to convert it to an offering.

When you pay your tithe, you have committed Jesus to open the windows of Heaven to you
It is not enough to pay tithe and give is important to represent Jesus where you are.

Abraham was a tither, .. He gave a tithe of all 
Tithe is your spiritual 'tax' ... that enhances your societal dignity!
Tithe with an attitude of gratitude.. .. that’s what He instructed the Israelites to do.

There are some people who argue that tithing is not for modern day believers and as such, they refuse to tithe, yet they want the blessings God promised Old Testament saints. It does not work like that! God's Word is not divided.

'All the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord's ... Lev. 27:30'

Principles that will guarantee a return on your giving: ... Tithe, no matter what.

Many people have been paying tithe and giving .. diligently, yet nothing is forthcoming as harvest.Something's wrong.

How much understanding do you have about tithing?...Is it not like a donation to you?
How much understanding do you have about tithing?...Are you not just paying a levy in your view to certify your membership?
The tithe is not yours, so there's nothing to celebrate over when you pay it. Do you celebrate that you pay your tax?
When we bring our tithes into the storehouse, we simply're returning a tenth of what's already God's

You make deposits to your heavenly account by giving to God's work.

GOD does not need your tithe, it is you who need it!

Things will remain tighter until you become a tither! ... Tithe belongs to GOD!
Decide who to pay tithe to - God or devourers. 

Tithing is not giving, tithing is a covenant responsibility.
Tithing is not a way of enriching a ministry... tithing is a covenant strategy for enriching your life.
Tithing is vital .. Tithing is crucial ... Tithing is a non-negotiable law!

Tithing is the security of your financial fortune!

Don't forget the covenant channels of blessings include the following: (1) Tithing .. the anchor law .. The Law of Tithing!

You will never go up ... until you start tithing up!
Tithing is your visa to a Breakthrough Dreamland! ... 
Tithing qualifies you to showers of Divine Ideas.

Jesus, is the one to whom you are tithing.

The anchor law ... in the school of prosperity ... is the law of tithing!
There is no prayer under Heaven, that will open your Heaven without tithing .. 

Tithing is the anchor term of the covenant of prosperity!

Tithing ... is a life elongator.
There is no substitute to the covenant of financial empowerment ... Tithing!

All through out scriptures, tithing is the only way that entitles you to an open heaven

Tithing...It activates the power of God in our lives when we do it in gratitude and joy
Tithing is our covenant defense ... against the wickedness of the wicked.

True tithing must be done in a way that honors God.

'The Law of Tithing' .. is a non-negotiable law!

'The Law of Tithing' ... It is the covenant qualifier for His blessings ...'The Law of Tithing'
'The Law of Tithing' .. is a non-negotiable law .. in the school of prosperity!

Whether you are a pastor, a bishop or whatever, tithing is the master key to an open heaven.

Tithing ... Watch this: even if you are selling pure water, very soon you will become a major industralist.

Tithing is a covenant strategy for enriching your life and your life is enriched by access to Divine Wisdom. 
Hear this .. it may help you: Tithing is not an old Testament phenomena .. Jesus sanctioned it in Matthew 23:23!

Tithing is not a way of enriching a ministry, executing kingdom projects or enriching a church.

Every other giving will give you returns, but only tithing will give you security!

Tithing is not a church strategy for fund-raising ..Tithing is not a contribution ..

Tithing is the security of your financial fortune!
Tithing is a spiritual transaction ... GOD is not in need ...

Tithing is the security of your financial fortune!

Your Pastor is a tithing Pastor,your church is a tithing church. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Until you re-position your life in truth, regarding tithing .. your prayer and fasting has just began!

The foundation for yours and my financial fortune is our tithes
Those who think they are smart by avoiding tithes will later realise how foolish they were.

This ministry cannot be poor again .. because this ministry tithes!

If you owe God in tithes, also add 20% as interest being the penalty for eating your tithes (Leviticus 27:31).

Multitudes give offering... Disciples pay tithes.

Tithes, offerings, vows and pledges are areas many still owe God.

Have you obeyed God fully in tithes, offering and sowing?

Do you owe God in tithes, offerings, thanksgiving or vows? Ask for forgiveness and go ahead and pay what you owe.

It is not to your church that you are giving your tithes, it is to Jesus!

Get on the Road to Increase - Bring all the tithes...into the storehouse, ....

(The above are excerpts from utterances by God's servants Gloria Copeland, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Bishop David O. Abioye, Kenneth Copeland, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, Pastor Faith A. Oyedepo, Pastor E. A. Adeboye on the subject of TITHE) 

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