Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bishop Oyedepo - COVENANT DAY OF TURNAROUND FAVOUR - Prophetic Blessings


And David was anointed with oil, in the midst of his brethren, and the Spirit of the Lord rested with him from that day forward ... the Holy Ghost, and that stirred favour ... he run into favour. Favour was forced on to him. They begged his father, 'Please let your son be with me, for he has found favour in my sight'.
After this anointing, you will be finding favour through out the year!
Everyone called, 'Job-less', as the Lord liveth ... because as soon as Jesus returned, everything changed ... as soon as this fasting period is over ... some of you will get 10 jobs this week!
Every contractor whose business has been grounded ... this week is declared a week of  … Open Doors .. by favour!

On this Covenant Day Of Turnaround Favour ... and with the ... Oil of Favour ... in your hand, everything turns around in your favour today!

"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord." ... by this oil, your God-ordained spouse is meeting you so sure!

"By thy favour You have made me to stand out" ... by this oil, your are standing out among your peers!

Favour is indestructible, the hand of God will not allow them to destroy David. Favour will not let Haman to destroy the Jews!
Favour came as Esther fasted ... favour has come, because you have fasted, and every force put together to destroy you, returns back to their senders!

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." ... your night season, is over today!

Your season of 'Joy unspeakable' has come today ... in the Name of Jesus!

Favour is what gives value to labour. Labour without favour, equals hardship! "It is the blessings of the Lord that makes rich", not the energy of man, not the strength of man .... therefore, I decree that what your own ability can never accomplish in the next 50 years, will come your way by favour this year!

What God did by Nehemiah, if he had live for 200 years, he will never be able to save for it, but God by favour, delivered it to him in 22 days! By this anointing, I decree the hand upon Nehemiah to be made manifest in your life! Somebody believes that, let me hear your loudest,'Amen'.

Put a little of this oil, on your right palm. ... and I would like you to tie your faith to what happened in '1 Samuel 16:13,21-22' ... how that God anointed David, and in the same chapter, favour found him. By the 2nd(next) chapter, he conquered Goliath. And by conquering Goliath, he ascended the throne! Everything was happening in a sequence!

In one moment, express your faith, 'Lord, I am receiving this oil, as the oil upon David, that brought him into favour, irresistible favour before King Saul, that engraced him, to conquer Goliath, that brought him into favour, that he became an armour bearer as a teenager... 'I receive this order of favour today'.  Somebody is receiving that in faith!  .. in Jesus' precious Name!

Place this hand right now upon your forehead and begin to appropriate the release of 'Turnaround Favour' .  ... 'This is the oil of favour upon my head, wherever I appear, I shall be loved greatly, no more rejection ... no more rejection ... no more rejection ... no more rejection ... it's my era of turnaround favour, no more rejection ...  it's my era of turnaround favour, no more rejection ... in Jesus' precious Name we have prayed.

Now, I decree a fresh baptism of turnaround favour on your life! It shall answer for you as it answered for David! It shall answer for you as it answered for Nehemiah! ... in the Name of Jesus!

An end has come to every of your struggles in life!  From  now, begin to enjoy supernatural additions! Wherever you appear from today, you shall be loved greatly! The good hand of the Lord will continue to bring you into favour from day to day!

The year is declared a year of strange order of favour for you!
You shall find yourself in places you least expected! Things that beat your imagination shall become the order of things in your life! 
It is declared your   Turnaround Year! You shall be marrying as a dream in the night, for those of you on the line for it!

You shall build houses you never knew you can ever build! You will be called to occupy positions that you least expected! Everything shall be going great, every step of the way!

Lift up that hands and give God thanks!

Lift up your bottles of oil ... that oil in your hand, is declared, 'Oil of Favour'. You will never run out of favour throughout this great year of 2014.

Go in peace! ... in the Name of Jesus!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo
President/Founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide
a.k.a. Winners' Chapel International

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