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"And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance
of those things which were told her from the Lord."-Luk 1:45
"For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist." –Luk 21: 15
"So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone...........and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army."
-Eze 37:7-10

Therefore in line with the Exceeding Grace 2014 agenda, I declare prophetically as follows:

My Year of Divine Surprises

1. The year 2014 shall be a year of divine surprises for me all the way through:
A Surprise order of Breakthroughs-Gen. 26:12-14
A Surprise order of Turnarounds-Psa. 126:1-3
A Surprise order of Financial Fortune-Exo.12:36
A Surprise order of Favours-Esther5:2/Neh. 2:5-8
2. It shall be said of me, "What manner of man / woman is this?"-Mk 4:41
3. It shall be said of my strides, "We have seen strange things today"- Lk 5:26
4. It shall be said of my exploits, "We have never seen it in this fashion"- Mk 2:12
5. It shall be a year of strange works and strange acts of God indeed-ls.28:21-22
6. In the year 2014, I shall become a surprise both to myself and the world around me.-1Sam 10:11-12
My Year of Divine Visitations
7. It shall be a year of diverse divine visitations for me!-Gen21:1-6
8. The ears of men shall tingle at the strange acts of God in my life this year-1Sam 10:10-12
9. It shall be a year where the strange acts of God shall turn me into a surprise to my world!-Act 16:25-30
10. There shall be diverse overnight turnaround testimonies in my life throughout this year!-Ps 30:5-7
11. The things that eyes have not seen nor ears heard shall become the order of happenings in my life all through this year!-1Cor2:9

My Year of Supernatural Victory

12. The end has finally come to all my struggles In life! -1Pet5:10
13. Whatever Jesus died for that is not traceable in my life shall be restored back to me this year!-2Pet1:3
14. Every resistance to my rising comes under a curse this year!-Zech 1:17-21
15. Every agent of the devil and every gang up of hell against my destiny comes under the judgement of heaven this year!-Is41:10-12
16. I am liberated from every hold of barrenness and I am now a fruitful vine-Deut 7:13-14
17. I am delivered from every form of marital spell this year! -Is58:6
18. I am liberated from every kind of career and business stagnation this year.-Ps1:1-3
19. Every generational curse, spell and enchantment is dropping off my life this year!-Num 23:20/23
20. Every spirit of infirmity tormenting my life is cursed right now. -Matt8:16
21. I am free from every hold of sickness and disease this year!-Matt 8:l-2
22. Whatever does not glorify God in my body, is cursed today!-1Cor6:20
23. By the blood of Jesus, I am free from every captivity of hell right now!-Rev12:11
24. Anyone that won’t let me go goes down for me this year!-Exo 4:22-23
25. Every age long ordeal in my life comes to an end right now!-Deut 28:59
26. Every planting of the devil in my body, in terms of sickness, diseases, pains, discomforts and afflictions is rooted out right now!-Matt15:13
27. I will never bury my children, grand children or great grand children!-Isa 65:20
28. Every attempt to cut short my life is destroyed today!-Ps 102:20
29. Every arrow of death shot in my direction returns back on the head of the sender!-ls43:4

My Year of Financial Fortune
30. God is repositioning me for supernatural wealth this year!-Ps 66:12
31. I am emerging a testimony of financial fortune this year!-Mal 3:10
32. Everything is falling into place in my life this year and no one will ever ask me again, "Where is your God?"! -Ezek 20:9/14
33. I will see supernatural supplies the way I have never had it before!-Matt 17:26-27
34. The windows of heaven are open over my life all through this year!-Mal 3:10
35. Every step of my life from this time onward shall be wow!-Is 8:18
36. The devourer and destroyer is rebuked on my behalf today!-Mal 3:10
37. In my lifetime, my children shall be seating on thrones!-Ps112:1-3
38. The last financial stress I saw is the last I will ever see!-Pro 10:22
39. My sacrifices shall command supernatural returns after the order of Solomon this year-1Kg 3:1-3/13
My Year of Divine favour
40. The favour of God is establishing my miracle marriage this year-Pro 18:22
41. The favour of God is granting me my miracle job with speed this year-Ps 34: 10
42. The favour of God is supernaturally enlarging my coast this year-Ps44:3
43. The favour of God is giving me my place in destiny this year-1Sam16:21-22
44. This year, God shall encompass me about with favour as with a shield-Ps 5:12
45. Yea, the time to favour me has finally come -Ps 102:13-15
My Year of Prophetic Release
46. All through 2014, I shall be dancing and singing! -Ps30:11
47. Like a dream of the night, my business, career and profession shall explode into realms of inexplainable but undeniable breakthroughs!-Ps 126:1-3
48. Whatever God has spoken into my life for the year 2014, no devil can stop it, for they shall surely come to pass!-Is 14:24
Jesus is Lord!
David O. Oyedepo

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