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WHAT IS WISDOM? - Part 1 – Bishop David O. Oyedepo

There are 4 kinds of wisdom. James identifies 4 kinds of wisdom in James 3:15: 
(1) Earthly wisdom;
(2) Sensual wisdom ... that means Intellectual wisdom;
(3) Devilish wisdom ... which is diabolical wisdom, the one engaged in by principalities ...  The wisdom of the 'princes of this world' is the diabolical wisdom which the native doctors and necromancers trade on and;
(4) Divine Wisdom ... wisdom that is from above .... is far above the other forms of wisdom.

It is impossible to walk in Wisdom without the spirit of wisdom at work in your life.
The spirit of wisdom is our only access to the continuous flow of divine wisdom.

Why do we need the spirit of wisdom?
We need the spirit of wisdom to be empowered to walk in Wisdom.

Why do we need the spirit of wisdom?

It is our only proven access to God's wisdom bank - Daniel 2:28-29; Genesis 41:38-39.

GOD speaks according to His wisdom ... and His wisdom is creative!
God's Word is God's wisdom and God's wisdom is creative in nature!

Supernatural wisdom is real and that is the wisdom that built Covenant University!
Supernatural wisdom is real .. and that's the wisdom that built Landmark University!

Supernatural wisdom is a reality! The New Testament calls it 'the Wisdom of God' - 1 Corinthians 2:7

We have 'endowed wisdom' and we have 'acquired wisdom'.. It is a combination of the two that puts you on the wings of this wisdom from above. 
Acquired Wisdom is a result of applied knowledge
Endowed Wisdom is available only with God and can be received only from God

What wisdom is this?
Say with me, 'It is wisdom from above!'.

What wisdom is this?
Say with me, 'It is divine wisdom!'.

What wisdom is this?
The wisdom of GOD is a gift at work in man .. please understand this!

What Wisdom Is This?
The wisdom of GOD makes a king out of a little child!

What Is Divine Wisdom?
It is the wisdom that the Holy Ghost teaches!

What Wisdom Is This?
This wisdom enthrones people

We have ‘Endowed Wisdom’ and we have ‘Acquired Wisdom’ - It is a combination of the two that puts you on the wings of this wisdom from above.  Acquired Wisdom is a result of applied knowledge. Endowed Wisdom is available only with God and can be received only from God

You will reign by Divine Wisdom!

The 'Hidden Wisdom' of God.. 1 Corinthians 2:6-7 ... that wisdom is the custodian of God's programmed glory for our lives.

The reality of divine wisdom can be seen in Job 28. Those who operate in this wisdom don't live with obstacles.

Wisdom is the life-wire of every great destiny... wisdom is a builder of destiny. - Proverbs 9:1

By divine wisdom, you are able to regulate and monitor your future. The wisdom of this world can't handle all that.

Divine Wisdom .. We are talking about life-applicable wisdom, the wisdom that distinguishes you from other men!
Divine Wisdom is a gift and it is a gift from above... and it is above all other forms of wisdom.

Intellectual wisdom may bring you promotion, but it takes supernatural wisdom to experience dramatic promotion!
Divine Wisdom is inaccessible to natural men... only the children of God can access the Wisdom of God.
It takes a revelation by the Spirit of God to locate Divine Wisdom... God's Word is His Wisdom.

Requirement for Divine Wisdom:

(1) SALVATION: Divine Wisdom is limited  to the redeemed of the Lord
(2) FEAR OF GOD: Another requirement is living in the fear of God.
(3) MEEKNESS: Meekness is required to get anything from God
(4) THE HOLY SPIRIT: The help of the Holy Spirit is require for flowing in divine wisdom.

A heart for God is a fundamental requirement for access to Divine Wisdom.. be a man or a woman after God's own heart!
Tithing is a covenant strategy for enriching your life and your life is enriched by access to Divine Wisdom.

The hotter your love for God, the greater your access to Divine Wisdom.
There is no natural access to Divine Wisdom - James 3:16-17

Any one taking credit for divine wisdom, looses it!- Jeremiah 9:23-24

A great treasure of wisdom has been deposited into your system!

(Excerpts from utterances made by God's servant, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, on different occasions, on the subject of WISDOM)

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