Friday, May 9, 2014


You’ll never come back to meet a thanks-giver where you left him. 
Every thanks-giver ends-up an unlimited achiever!
Everything multiplies in the hand of a thanks-giver while everything diminishes in the hand of the murmurers.

To a thanks-giver, nothing is too small to thank GOD for!
Every truly successful man is a thanks-giver!
When you are a thanks-giver, you don't know dry season!

Grace to become an addicted thanks-giver, receive it now, in the Name of Jesus!

Warfare Thanksgiving, that is the thanksgiving that precedes your triumph!

Thanksgiving is a lift, thanksgiving is appreciation in anticipation of acceleration.

Thanksgiving changes your position, thanksgiving changes your level, delay is not denial.

Thanksgiving is one of the channels out of your prison houses.

In case you think something is closed to you, open it with thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is perfecter of destiny!
The faith that works is triggered by quality thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is a debt we owe GOD!

Thanksgiving is the glide on which you move forward.
Thanksgiving is a lift. 

Thanksgiving is appreciation in anticipation of acceleration.

When you partner with God, your prayer is reduced to thanksgiving.

(The above are excerpts from utterances by God's servants Bishop David O. Abioye, Bishop Thomas Aremu, Pastor Abraham Ojeme, Pastor Dele Bamgboye, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Bishop David O. Oyedepo on the subject of THANKSGIVING)

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