Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Taking Full Delivery Of Your 2016 PROPHETIC 4-Quantum Leaps

Taking Full Delivery Of Your 2016 PROPHETIC 4-Quantum Leaps


* Obedience is gateway to a world of unlimited breakthroughs - Deut. 28:1

* When our obedience is complete, all barriers on our path will give way - 2Cor 10:3-6/2Sam. 5: 18-25/ Exo. 14:14-15/Ps.114:1-9

* When we obey all His commandments as revealed to us, we have committed God to fulfil all the blessings that accompany them - Josh. 11:15/Josh. 21:45/Deut. 28:1-13

* Obedience guarantees divine presence that will always make the difference -Jn. 8:29/ Jn. 14:21

* When we obey God's commandments without any reservation whatsoever, we reign both in time and eternity - Phil. 2:5-11

* Obedience is a covenant access to the realms of the supernatural - Mk. 16:15-20/Lk. 5: 1-8/ Jn. 2:5-11

* Our obedience will always result into testimonies - 1Kgs. 17:8-15/2Kgs.4: 1-7/2Kgs. 5: 1-14

* Prophetically, this is our Isaac order of year, where every truly dedicated Winner to kingdom advancement endeavours shall emerge an envy of his world - Gen. 26: 12-14

* This is why I believe everyone of us requires the Spirit of obedience in order to make the most of this year - Ezek. 36:27/Eph. 2:2

Seven Keys to Taking Full Delivery of Your Four-Quantum Leaps in 2016.

1. Mind yourself
./ Life is a race and only dedicated runners ever win the prize - 1Cor. 9:24-26
./ The company one keeps either makes or breaks one - Ps. 1:1-3
./ It is mentality that defines destiny - Pro. 23:7/ Pro.4:23
./ One must commit to a fight of faith to possess his/ her possession - 1Tim.6: 12
./ Only great finishers win the prize in any race - 2Tim.4:7-8/ Phil. 3:14
2. Mind your God
./ The harder one pursues after God, the higher he flies - Ps.63:8/ 2Sam. 18:3
./ He that genuinely seeks the Lord shall not want any good thing - Ps.34:10
./ One cannot find God except one seeks Him with all of his heart - Jer. 29: 13/Ps.27:8/Heb. 11:6
./When one truly seeks first the kingdom of God, all other things are added to him - Matt. 6:33/Exo. 23:24-26
3. Mind the interest of God's kingdom
./ Entering into a covenant to serve the interest of His kingdom guarantees all-round breakthroughs - 2Chr. 15:3-6/12-15/ Ps.102:13-15
./ When one serves God acceptably, he lives his years in prosperity and his days in pleasure - Job. 36: 11
./ We must recognize that serving God is not a gift nor a calling, but a choice -Josh. 24: 15/ Deut. 30: 19
./ You don't have to be a preacher, pastor or an evangelist to serve God.
./ Every child of God is called to serve - Jn. 15:1-2/8/16
./ One does not have to be a pastor to serve God - 2Chr.15:12
./ The likes of Abraham, Daniel, Job, David the king, were not ordained preachers, but they were all notable servants of God - Ps. 105:42/ Dan. 6:1-3/20/ Dan. 3:26/Job 1:8/ Ps.89:20-24
4. Mind His Word
./ One word from God can re-write the story of a man - Is. 9:8
./ Receiving and engaging God's Word guarantees rest - Matt. 11:28-29/2Pet. 1:2
./ Engaging the Word guarantees prosperity and good success -Josh. 1:8/1Tim.4:13/15/2Pet. 1:3
./ Putting the Word to work guarantees fulfilment of our glorious destiny - Acts 20:32/Deut. 28: 1-13
./ Jesus called the Word the 'one thing' that is needful - Lk. 10:42
5. Mind prophetic instructions
./ God still has prophets on the earth today - Lk. 16:29/ Eph. 4:11
./ Only those who receive a prophet as a prophet can connect to the blessings they carry - Matt. 10:14/ 2Chr.20:20
./ Prophets are God's spokesmen - Deut. 18:20-22
./ Prophets are custodians of divine agenda - Amos 3:7
./ While God speaks to our lives, prophets speaks to our moments - Exo. 3:7-10/Hos. 12:13/Ps.74:9-12
./ Whenever one obeys a prophetic instruction, it opens a new chapter to the individual - Isa. 44:26/ 1Kgs. 17:8-15/2Kgs.4: 1-7/ 2Kgs. 5:1-14
./ But often times, prophets are mostly spoken against as servants of God, which is the strategy of the devil to disconnect those to whom they are sent, from the blessings reserved for them through such prophets - Lk. 2:34/ Lk. 6:22-23/Jer. 1:18-19/ 1Kgs. 17:8-15/2Kgs.4: 1-10
6. Obey, both to the full and to the end
./ Obedience may be costly, but the end result is priceless - Gen. 22: 1-18
./ It is only at the end of a race that prizes are given. If one faints before the end, he has lost out in the race - Gal. 6:9/Matt. 24: 13
./ Abraham obeyed to the end to emerge the symbol of generational blessings that he was - Gen. 12: 1-4/ Gen. 17:9-14/23-27/ Gen. 22: 1-18/ Gen. 24: 1/Gal.3: 13-14
./ Paul finished his course to qualify for the crown - 2 Tim.4:7-8
./ Jesus finished His mission and now He is seated at the right hand of Majesty on high -Jn.19:30/Phil.2:7-11
7. Hope to the end
./ Faith is the substance of things hoped for, which implies that faith remains impotent without hope - Heb. 11:1
./ By redemption we are begotten into lively hope, which makes not ashamed - 1Pet. 1:3/ Rom. 5:5/ Eccl. 9:4
./ We must keep hope alive to the end after the order of Abraham - Rom.4:18/1Pet. 1:7-9/13
./ We recognize that every steward is a partaker of his hope - 1Cor: 9:10117
./ We understand that every vision speaks loudest at the end - Hab. 2: 1-3/Eccl.4:9-12
./ Therefore, we must remain tireless in our pursuit - 1Cor: 15:58/Gal. 6:9
./ When our hope is rooted in scriptures, the end result will be testimonies - Rom. 15:4/ Matt. 24:35/ Lk. 22:25-30
In the light of all the above, every winner must rise to take responsibility towards taking full delivery of his portion in 2016.
From Glory to Glory, that is where we are all going!
Jesus is Lord!
David O. Oyedepo

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