Friday, December 6, 2013


Open your hearts right now to receive from Heaven, and ask Him to open your eyes that you may behold wondrous things out of His law.

Thank Jesus, we bless your Name, we lift You up, and we magnify You. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that, "And the Lord appeared again unto Samuel, at Shiloh ... for He appeared unto Samuel by the Word of the Lord.". Lord, I pray today that by your Word, you will appear to each one of us. Let your Word reveal your person to us in the Name of Jesus! Let today be a life of reference, to everyone. Thank You, heavenly Father, in Jesus' precious Name.

Now, there are all sort of issues associated with economic crisis, but as the Lord liveth, it shall not come near your dwelling place. No evil shall come near your dwelling ... no evil shall come near your dwelling ... no evil shall come near your dwelling ... in the Name of Jesus Christ!

"Commanding Prosperity In Austerity" ... experiencing breakthroughs, in the time of breakdowns. Going up, when everything is going down. Taking command, when everyone else is loosing control.

"Commanding Prosperity In Austerity" ... making things happen when things have stopped happening. Having what to eat, even when there is no food in the market to buy. Having water to drink, when all the wells and fountains have dried up. "Commanding Prosperity In Austerity".

I said during the Breakthrough Night that the reason why many believers are frustrated is because, they want scriptural principles to function and operate and deliver in isolation. That, never happens.

Scriptural principles, function in collaboration with other relevant principles. You will never find the engine of a car, on the high-way, and then you'd say, "Ah, that is Mercedes engine going". It will only move, in collaboration with other parts of the vehicle, the gear-box, the wheels, the steering etc. It cannot be on the high-way, without the collaboration of other essential parts. Please, understand what I am talking about.

The same way, supernatural supplies or kingdom prosperity or covenant prosperity, does not operate alone - it does not function in isolation. It functions, in collaboration with other vital scriptural principles. That is why many are frustrated, because they want these things to function in isolation.

It is just like "church growth", you need to advertise Jesus to people, but when they come, they must find what meets their needs, otherwise, they will have to look for somewhere else to go. So, it is not enough to bring them, neither is it enough to give them what meets their needs, without bringing them - so it has to work together.

The truth is, God has designed a program of exemption for His children. But how do I connect with such provisions, in hard times? That is what, we have been dealing with, commanding prosperity, commanding supernatural supplies in the time of scarcity. Making things happen, when things have stopped happening. Getting results, when results are no longer obtainable. And that's what the Lord is out there, doing in our lives.

Not all givers ever prosper, because you will never find the engine of a vehicle alone on the go. That is why lazy believers, are always stranded and frustrated.
This is, "Commanding Prosperity In Austerity - Part 2".

Job 22:21: "Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee."

The Word simply means, "Connect now thyself with God". Identify now thyself with God. That Word means, "Now, walk with God or mind your walk with God" - become God's acquaintance.  Position yourself for a quality walk with God, and then you will be at peace, thereby shall good only come unto you, even in evil times. That is where the foundation is, that's where the beginning is. After you are an acquaintance, then the law becomes fruitful.

You see, "If the foundation be destroyed, the righteous can do nothing" (Psalm 11:3).  Acquaint now thyself with God and then you will be at peace and thereby good shall come unto thee. Then, receive I pray thee the law from His mouth and lay up His Words in your heart, if you will return to the Almighty. You see, it is there. Then shall you be built up. It is your spiritual build up, that puts you in command!

It is so important, to recognize that, spirituality is the biblical platform for true prosperity.

Prosperity is not a game of "giving and receiving". No! It thrives on a quality walk with God. What do I call it?, "Quality walk with God". It thrives on a quality walk with God. It is not a game of "giving and receiving". No, it is a walk with God!

He said, "Receive, I pray thee, the law from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart. If thou return to the Almighty, thou shalt be built up, thou shalt put away iniquity far from thy tabernacles." (Job 22:22-23) It is a walk with God! "Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust".

So, your operating the law alone does not guarantee this abundance, but your quality walk with God, is what gives value to your giving. Can I hear your, "Amen?".

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