Saturday, December 28, 2013


Every kingdom-centred dream, guarantees a great future.

Every kingdom dreamer, supernaturally does well ... every kingdom dreamer ... supernaturally does well ... every kingdom dreamer ... supernaturally does well.

We are in the last days, the days of inexplicable but undeniable order of strange breakthroughs.
And it takes a genuine kingdom-dreamer to maximize his portion at his time ... a genuine kingdom-dreamer.

'But seek ye first ..' ... Your first dream that guarantees a great future, must be kingdom-focused.

'But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'

Kingdom-dream has been the secret, behind my life ... I am a die-hard kingdom-dreamer ... I got into this madness, in 1976, and that madness has resulted in some level of greatness.

For any of your dreams, to see the light of the day, it must have a foundation in kingdom-dream ... it must have a foundation in kingdom-dream.

Your breakthrough in business, in career, will be limited to the genuineness of your kingdom-dreams.

Your enlargement is a result of your commitment to the enlargement of His kingdom.

Kingdom-dream is the secret behind my little rising - die-hard kingdom dreamer.
It is kingdom dreams that make stars, have one!

The bigger your kingdom-dream, the larger your coast.

God's blessing, is limited to your capacity to be a blessing.
Don't think that I have only 4 children, it is a lie - I have thousands of children, who call me father ... from the very heart of their hearts ... because we are privileged to be 'father' and 'mother' to them.

Somebody is here, God is about to trigger off a tearful testimony, in your life.

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