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God Wants You Free

The Lord spoke to me in a vision on the 1st of May 1981. I saw all the blind, the lame, people in rags, men in pains, weeping and wailing. The vision was so real and powerful that I joined them in crying! I couldn’t bear the level of agony they were going through!
I was in the presence of God for eighteen hours, watching this terrible, ugly and agonizing sight, when God said to me, "From the beginning it was not so. Now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil, through the preaching of the Word of faith. And I am sending you to undertake this task."
Friend, I heard Him, just as clearly as any man would hear his friend speak in his ears. The Lord spoke those outstanding words to me, and they turned my entire life around! They changed the course of my thinking.
God has sent me to tell the world that whatever you might be going through now, that "In the beginning it was not so."
By divine commission therefore, I make bold to declare to you that whatever is not part of your true nature in God, must give way! Anything other than "very good", is not part of your original nature at creation (Genesis 1:31). Anything less than "very good" is not your heritage, you must not be identified with it.

Your health, your career, your relationship with others, must be very good. Anything short of "very good" therefore, is not your own.
The Lord told me, "I will set men free by your hand. As you go in obedience to my commandment, no captive will escape this commission."
It is in the unction and confidence of this commandment from the Lord that I bring you the good news that you will be reading about on every page of this book.
Friend, I am glad to let you know that the battle with Satan, the enemy, finished long ago! The emancipation call is sounding. You can walk into liberty if it is your choice.
You don’t have to remain sick, frustrated, in reproach or shame. You have been called unto glory and virtue. So your name is glory. Your name is virtue. Not shame, reproach or pity. If you’re going along a street and they call a name that is not yours, does it attract your attention?
From now on, sickness, barrenness, failure and poverty will no longer be identified with you. Beginning from this hour, everyone that sees you will know you are the seed which the Lord has blessed. No mark of the enemy will remain in your life anymore!
My mission on earth is well defined. It is to see the devil constantly humiliated and Jesus glorified! I am sent to see men who have been shedding tears start shouting for joy! To see the barren carry their own children! The poor exploding into untold wealth! Troubled homes become peaceful! To see every oppression of the devil destroyed in the lives of men!
This is your hour of total liberty! Only what God cannot do will remain in your life after you have embraced the truth I will be sharing with you in this book. Only the mountain that God cannot level will remain, only the sickness He cannot heal will remain. But we know that there’s nothing too difficult for Him (Jeremiah 32:27).
Your mountains shall be levelled, your valleys shall be filled, the plagues in your life shall be destroyed, the spells and enchantments of the devil over your destiny shall be destroyed.
This is your hour! The knowledge of the truth is here, you shall be set free indeed! I bring to you an open door to your covenant blessings.
Satan has lost out, Jesus is glorified!


Everywhere in the world today, it seems there is more mention of Satan’s name than God’s. Many people don’t seem to understand a thing about Satan, as he has given himself names that don’t belong to him.
Satan is not omnipresent! He wasn’t on mount Carmel when his throne was being challenged by Elijah. Multitudes live under the fear of his activities. Even at the mere mention of his name, many shrink.
Through his vain devices, he has constituted himself into a threat. Note that he is a master-deceiver. He is nothing but a finished devil!
In the early Church, the devil was not a force to be reckoned with. The Apostles were fully aware of his devices. To them the devil had no power, he only had tricks and devices. He is the most subtle of all that God created.
Friend, I want to show you the true picture of the devil and how powerless he is, regarding God’s eternal purpose concerning you. When you can see this, you will become as dangerous as a sharp stone.
There was a time I bought a toy leopard for my children. When I first threw it on their bed, they were afraid. But after they had touched it several times, their attitude towards it changed.
There are some of us that have become so used to the powerlessness and nothingness of Satan that we speak with such inexplicable confidence. For several years running, he has never for once been my concern. But there are Christians, whose major reason for having a relationship with God is so that they can overcome Satan.
I pray that God will help you understand that what destiny has in store for you is an already settled issue. The only person that will determine whether it works out or not is you. Not any devil in hell or any high places. When you can see this truth, it becomes obviously cheap for you to handle all life’s affairs with confidence. Men of confidence are men of worth.
We have so promoted the devil that he has made himself a little king over the affairs of many in the kingdom of God.
Some even pray for their children every morning and cast out devils! Who put the devils in them? The glory of God is beaming all around your children, but all you see is the devil!
You have given him a place in your life, so he keeps harassing you. The fear of evil is a trap (Job 3:25).
We are going to displace every work of the devil with the cheapest ease and relaxation, by the application of the manifold wisdom of God. (Ephesians 3:10) Our days will see the brightest and greatest triumph over the kingdom of darkness (Isaiah 11:9).
I always tell myself, "if the devil is as terrible as he parades himself to be, he ought to have done something about me all these years!" But thank God! I am still alive and well, going stronger everyday. Shame on you, Satan!
When you hear me speaking against joblessness know that I’m speaking to a person. When I am addressing the source of barrenness, understand that the force behind it hears what I’m saying.
When you hear a noise, the first thing that occurs to you is, "what’s happening?" Friend, the enemy has made so much noise that he has gained so much prominence in the affairs of many, even in the Church of Jesus Christ.
Every preacher who has stayed on exalting the devil and his powers, has ended up crashing to the ground. Their homes are torn asunder, their ministries go through one frustration after the other, because they have given the devil an undue place. Ephesians 4:27 says:
"Neither give place to the devil."
I never argue with the devil, because of a superiority complex that has been built into me through the revelation of the mysteries of God which the Holy Ghost has given me. I live so free of Satan’s threats. I determine what happens in my environment, not him.
The devil is not the one you have been called to worship. But what do we see today? In the name of casting him out and fearing his tactics, people end up more or less worshipping him. You hear such statements like; "I can see a devil on this platform, he has seven heads and three tails."
Friend, this is not possible in the church where I’m pastoring! Even if you have one million devils, they must wait for you outside the gate.
In 1984, a sister named Angelica was being followed about by a swarm of insects - praying mantis to be precise. They followed her everywhere - into vehicles, to the market, everywhere! It was an embarrassing situation.
So she came to the office to report to me. As she stepped in through the gate of the church premises, the insects stopped following her, they stayed outside the gate! When she came in and told me her predicament, I asked her, "where are the insects now?" She said, "Outside the gate." I said, "come and show me."
As we approached the gate, the insects were receding! The closer we got to them the farther they moved back! And by the time we got to the gate, they had taken off for their dear lives! That was the end of the sisters trouble!
Knowledge is reflective! The Bible says wisdom makes the face of a man to shine. There are some of us who the devil knows very well. In the kingdom of darkness, light is master, anyday! When you receive God’s Word, it sets up a divine illumination around you that all devils learn to respect you.
It is important you realise that the issue at hand is not the devil but you. It is time to appreciate your spiritual values, so that you can use an understanding of these basic Bible truths to reign on the earth.
There is a devil, his name is Satan, but thank God he is not your master. There is a devil, but the Bible says if you follow God, right in his presence, God will prepare a table before you and make your cup run over. The devil will just be watching you with utter helplessness!
We are made to understand from the scriptures that our adversary is the devil. Whether he uses human vessels or inanimate objects, he is our only scripturally, acknowledged enemy.
So if you know how to deal with him, you will live an enemy- free life. Anything that comes your way could be referred to as a trial of your faith, not an oppression of the enemy.
The Lord spoke to me and told me that the reason people have so many problems is because they are not conscious of the indwelling power of God in them. So the enemy takes advantage of this, and everyone keeps begging and binding Satan.
For you to have fulfilment with Jesus, you have to know how weak the devil is and put him where he belongs. You just have to accept the fact that you have been placed above him. Friend, we need instructions to be free from vexations and destructions.
I plead with you right now to open your heart. God is about to pass across to you some standing laws that will set you up, such that will lift you to a height where the world will no longer be able to deny the fact that you are around.
This is your hour of freedom!
[The above are excerpts from the book, SATAN GET LOST. This book is available at all Dominion Bookshops, worldwide and also available online as digital media at David Oyedepo Ministries International Online Digital Media Store]
The following are the words of God’s servant concerning the book, SATAN GET LOST:
'Satan Get Lost' ...It should be every Winner's manual!
– Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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